About John

Getting Personal

John Jazwiec grew up in a modest home in Chicago, the oldest of four in a family with not a lot of money but a lot of love. After realizing that he'd never be the pro baseball player of his dreams, John put his energies into hard work and concentrated fully on an education path where he would excel. Jazwiec has brought numerous companies into success following what many would call a nontraditional CEO career path.

The Path to CEO Success

John worked his way through high school and college doing laborious jobs that taught him the value of hard work. After spending three years at Elgin Community College, Jazwiec transferred to Northern Illinois University where he graduated with a degree in business management. He later went on to receive his MBA from DePaul University in 1989. John was given two different options for his career path - management and computer programming. Jazwiec chose computer programming, and after training with Sears, he moved progressively up the IT organizational ladder working as a programming manager for Boise Cascade Office Products and then a special assistant to the COO of Fiserv. He became a division president of May & Speh in 1997 and then the CEO of a start-up company called Nuclio in 1999. John Jazwiec became the CEO of McHugh (later renamed RedPrairie) in 2002 where he served for six years before pursuing another CEO opportunity with FiveCubits. Jazwiec served on the board of Long Term Health Care from 2004 to 2008 and has also taught MBA courses at various universities.

Sources of Inspiration

An avid reader, Jazwiec enjoys gathering business insights and business philosophies from anything that sparks his interest - which includes books on history, classic mythologies, popular science, sports, world events, economics, fashion and the music of Linkin Park.


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