Jazwiec on Business / Building Brands

John Jazwiec shares his thoughts about creating and marketing brands, rebranding products and the impact of the Internet and technology.

Creating a Brand

A brand is not a brand if it has to be explained. Positioning a business or brand is extremely important in order to compete in the marketplace. The brand must be distinctive. It must be a lexicon for change and seize the "high ground" before anyone else. And its unique selling propositions should be created by changing the paradigm - in just days, not weeks or months.

Rebuilding a Business

It happens all the time: companies that have enjoyed success for 30+ years, gradually or suddenly lose their ways. When you consider joining an organization in need of rebuilding, there are things to look for in order to know if successful rebranding is possible. First, does the business have a trait that is not easily replicated? Second, is there just an execution problem? Finally, does the company have relevant expertise to solve relevant business problems?

Rebuilding a business takes a lot of time and work. So once you have determined the company has potential and is worth saving, here are some critical items to start doing:

  • Increasing cash flow
  • Making products profitable
  • Investing in process improvement and organizational culture/incentive plans
  • Rebranding products
  • Disrupting the marketplace
  • Creating a quality company with people who want to join the company and are not recruited

Technology Revolution

Most areas of the technology revolution were reflected in the productivity gains and the wealth of the American economy at the end of the 20th century. Now the rest of the world has all that technology at its disposal along with the Internet, which allows innovation to spread regardless of geography.

The next best chance for another technology revolution is to eliminate carbon fossil fuels. But the question is: Do our old paradigms and political will put us at a strategic disadvantage to lead this next technology revolution? It appears that the creative knowledge worker - regardless of geography - will lead the way.

From athletic scholar and satirist to computer programmer to successful CEO, John Jazwiec brings a unique and often eccentric perspective to business and supply chain challenges, exploring how they can be solved through the leadership and communication insights found in nontraditional sources.
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